Review about Conlog Prepaid Meter

A Complete Review On Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter

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Are you looking for a better metering solution? Or you’re in need of a company with a meter for a smart electricity solution? Then going for Conlog prepaid meter might be the best bet.

This company meter gives you the best-prepaid meter for properties electricity usage that will worth your electric consumption needs.

If you are yet to know about the bits and pieces of Conlog prepaid meter then this piece is quite timely to you, you will be furnish with all the information you should know about Conlog electric prepaid meter

Overview Of Conlog Prepaid Meter

Complete review on Conlog Prepaid Meter

Conlog is a world leading electric company that specializes in providing smart meters and prepaid solutions to about 4 continents and over 20 countries. So getting Conlog prepaid meter for any kind of applications is like using the world’s best product (prepaid meter).

It has been open for business for about a decade in Nigeria and has its first office in Ikeja, Lagos state. So their main aim is metering homes worldwide. It can be used in the homes, offices, work and business places.

How Does it works

If you’re confused about how does the conlog electric meter works, is very simple. These prepaid meters will count the electricity flow used in KWH.

And when the user uses electricity, the meter balance decreases and there is an LED light on the meter which flashes when electricity is consumed. The quicker the light shines, the more use is made of the units.

How To Bypass Conlog Electric Meter

You can bypass prepaid meter powered by Conlog electric company by removing all the voltage connections, though this kind of meter bypass can be detected but it surely works when achieved.

One way is by putting or installing a jumper in the meter terminal such that the connection is bypassed and the energy consumption will not be registered.

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How To Recharge Conlog Prepaid Meter Online

Conlog prepaid meter top up, recharging this electric meter is pretty easy? The units that a customer needs are first requested as the consumer makes a demand for the recharge of electricity. The request will then be sent to the municipality’s vending system.

The vending system will check the tariff of the meter requesting a recharge. Payment will be made by the consumer which could be in rand or naira and the system will then converts the money paid into the required number of units to be bought.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Hack Codes

To avoid paying another person bills as yours using Conlog electric prepaid meter, go to your meter interface and key in #001#, you will ascertain from here if the meter is yours.

If you have forgotten to copy your meter number but you need it, just press #100# and the meter number will display. To know the estimation remaining time before a disconnection you can press #074# and the meter will show the remaining time.

If you were disconnected and you need to know why no need calling customer care, just press #073# and the reason will be displayed on your conlog meter.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Activation

To activate Conlog prepaid meter, it is to visit their office nearest to you or go on their site to input your meter number on a field that will be required of you to generate a token.

The activation token will be automatically generated. Then get the generated token or note it somewhere then input it on the Conlog prepaid meter for activation.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems

Conlog prepaid meter not working, these problems come in the form of error code that will need you to contact the headquarters of the Disco covering your area. The following below are common problems displayed by conlog electric prepaid-meter:

  • E01 – Meter not initialized
  • E02-meter not calibrated
  • E03 – internal error
  • E04 – no supply voltage present
  • E07 – communication error between the meter and UIU
  • E09 – incompatibility between the meter and UIU
  • E10 – software error
  • E20 – remote disconnection initiated

How To Install Conlog Prepaid Meter

You can install your conlog prepaid meter using the following steps below:

First you will need to get an expert to install your Conlog prepaid meter perfectly well for you, then installation should be done according to your type of building.

If it is a freestanding home maybe with a single building one prepaid meter will be needed but a home with a cottage need an additional conlog prepaid meter.

Let the meter be placed between the distribution board of each home and the municipal board. Two isolated switches need to be used here; these two will be placed between each of the municipal board and prepaid meters, then for building with units and as an existing home with unit meters, the purchased or new prepaid meter should be placed between the unit distribution board and the unit meter.

If the building is a new one with no unit meters, then the prepaid meter should be installed between the distribution board and the municipal board of each unit.

How To Buy Conlog Prepaid Meter Electricity Online

Conlog prepaid electricity purchase, buying the Conlog electricity online is easy and pretty cool, with a phone the electricity can be bought and even online banking or direct bank payment can be used to.

Login online and navigate to the site, pay for the units you need through any of your desired means and get the tokens to input in your meter and you are done.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Price

The price of Conlog prepaid meter is fixed according to the phase you’re buying. For a one-phase conlog electric meter, the price is between #35,000 to #40,000 while for multiple (triple) phase conlog prepaid meter, the price is between #75,000 and #80,000 or even above.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Conlog Prepaid Meter

The following are advantages and disadvantages of using the conlog electric meter:

The advantages of using Conlog prepaid meter

  • With conlog prepaid meter no need paying for a deposit for electricity, you just recharge your meter and that’s it.
  • There’s the elimination of estimated bills with Conlog prepaid meter
  • No more invasions of power officials into your facilities in the name of reading meter
  • Elimination of inaccuracies of cost accrued by electric supply companies
  • You will be aware of your electric consumption in real-time
  • Conlog meters are designed to withstand the rigor of daily use by users

Disadvantages of using the conlog prepaid meter

  • Once the unit of power runs out, you are thrown into darkness
  • You need to pay before using the meter. No units means no usage
  • The prepaid meter comes at a high cost and the maintenance cost too is high


The conlog prepaid meter has a great advantage than the postpaid meter but the choice is still yours. The information you need to have about conlog electric prepaid meter has been supplied to you. So you now have them at your fingertips.

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