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GenGuide is the best blog for Electricity Power Generation News, Generator Set Reviews, and Hydro Power Generating System Reviews. It tells their Specs, Features, Tips, Pros, and Cons.

GenGuide Blog also covers Online Services as well as Prices of Gasoline Generator Sets, Diesel Generator Sets, Solar Generator Set, Inverter Generator Sets, Water Turbine Generator Sets and other Electricity sources in making power available from the grid.

GenGuide makes things very easy in electricity power generation especially for those planning to purchase brand new generator sets, hereby looking forward to knowing the necessary information (review) before making a purchasing from any generator brands alongside their dealers.

GenGuide was established in January 2020, by Njoku Valentine Onyebuchi Ernest popularly known as ValErnest, a graduate of Computer Science at The Federal Polytechnic Bida (FPB), Niger State.

The Blog has since grown to become one of the most visited electricity power generation blog in Nigeria and also to other countries.

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To provide the information needed in electricity power generation, also guiding those planning to purchase a new generator sets. Hereby helping them to get the rightful information before buying online or dealers shops.

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The information published on GenGuide is open, organized, accessible, and useful for all users in different locations irrespective of any factor you may think.

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