Best Portable Small Generators in Nigeria

Small generators are one of the most used generators among Nigerians, it is popularly known by Nigerians as “I pass my neighbor generator” or “I better pass my neighbor generator”. I pass my neighbor generator alongside I better pass my neighbor generator is a term given to small generators set mostly by Nigerian, this generator sets are said to be smaller in size, portable, durable, efficiency, has low fuel consumption and good performance ability.

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Small generators are less powerful compare to bigger size generators, any home or small business in Nigeria that operate with bigger generator may likely have a small generator set due to emergency or when low power supply is required. In that case, a small generator is been put in use.

For example, a home, small business/office like cyber café, computer learning center, barbing salon, hairdressing salon, electrician shop and so on that uses bigger generator to power all its appliances/equipment when needed might need or require small generator also should in case if not all appliances/equipment are to be used that the moment.

List of Small Generators In Nigeria

Small portable generator sets come from different brands, in this small generators review are the most popular brands that deal with small generators in Nigeria such as Tiger, Sumec Firman, Elepaq, and others. The list of small generators brands in Nigeria and their products are found below:

Tiger TG950 Small Generator

Tiger TG950 is one of the most popular electric small portable generators by Tiger generator brand in Nigeria. TG 950 Tiger small generator is very popular in most homes and small businesses because of its affordability, durability, and good performance.

Talking of features and specifications, TG 950 features a rated power of 50Hz, AC output of 220V 750W max. / 650W rated, DC output of 12V/3.0A, Single Phase, the engine type is force air-cooled and 2 stroke, has an alternator featuring brush, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, pure 100% copper enamelled wire, recoil starting system, 4Litre fuel tank capacity, uses petrol (fuel), TG950 run time per full tank is [email protected]%Load which may tend increase or decrease due to the capacity of the load carried, has dimensions (L x W x H) 380*320*330 and a dry weight of 18Kg. To know more about TG 950 Tiger small portable generator, see TG950 generator review.

Tiger TG1500/1550 Small Portable Generator

Tiger TG1500 is a portable small generator for home use and small/medium businesses, TG1500 generator is portable and light in the sense that it fit into domestic and commercial use. Tiger TG1500 small portable generator has an overload auto-circuit breaker, steady output and it is said to be relatively noiseless, durability and assures good operating performance.

TG1500 small generator features dozens of specifications which includes: power rating of 1kva, voltage of 220-240v, blue colour, 18kg dry weight, 100% copper wire, recoil (rope) starting system and more. Note: The Tiger TG1500 small generator and Tiger small TG1550 generator share the same similarities just with a little difference in power and capacity.

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Tiger TG1850 Small Generator

The Tiger generator “TG1850” is one of the best small portable generator by Tiger brand, this generator features separate fuel and oil tank unlike to Tiger small generator where you have to combine the oil together with the fuel on the same tank.

TG1850 small Tiger generator features pretty cool specifications that make it one of the best among all Tiger small generators, this features and specifications includes: TG1850 small portable generator are designed to use both gas and fuel, 1kva output, 100% copper coil enabled wire, single phase, voltage regulator, recoil (rope/manual) starting system, fuel tank capacity of 5 litre and oil capacity of 0.6L.

Note: The Tiger TG1850 small portable generator runs perfectly well if gas is used. With this, it will extend the life of the TG1850 generator compare to when fuel is been used.

Tiger TG1200 Small Portable Generator

Tiger TG1200 generator is another small portable generator by Tiger brand, this generator is great to be used at home and small business shops. Tiger TG1200 generator is reliable, easy to operate, maintain, durable, and fuel-efficient. The Tiger TG1200 small generator has low noise and low emission, it features dozens of features and specifications such as an AC circuit breaker which cuts off current when the output voltage exceeds the normal designated maximum output capacity, single-phase, frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage of 220v, rated power of 750W, rated current of 3.4A and a recoil (manual/rope) starting system.

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Sumec Firman SG1200 Small Generator

Sumec Firman SG1200 is a small portable generator by Sumec Firman generating company. Sumec Firman SG1200 is among the I Pass My Neighbor generator series because it is a small generator that uses both fuel and oil together on the same tank compare to other Sumec Firman products out there like SPG8800E2, ECO3990ES, SPG2900, SPG1800, SPG4000E2, SPG3800E2, and others.

SG1200 Sumec Firman generator is the best reliable and durable small generator model in the market today, the Sumec Firman SG1200 small generator is ideal for use in the home and at the working place only to power small working appliances/equipment like laptops, small printer, bolbs and so on.

Features and specifications of Sumec Firman SG1200 include single phase, 50 Hz AC frequency, 800 starting watts, 650 rated watts, 4 liter capacity of fuel tank, a low noise level at 7 meters of 61 dB, and a dry weight of 19.5 KG.

Sumec Firman SG1200 has 2-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, OHV engine, with maximum power output 1.5 HP. Sumec Firman SG1200 alternators is made of brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, and 2-pole, 100% copper wire and can only start using the recoil (rope/manual) starting system.

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Sumec Firman SPG1200 Small Generator

Sumec Firman SPG1200 generator featuring 0.9KVA is a highly durable low budget small generator by Firman brand, the Sumec Firman SPG1200 is reliable, durable, powerful, easy to start, maintain, has a good and perfect performance capacity. It is mostly use by home and small business owners that require litter power supply to power their appliances and it can also be use in a long hour’s operation.

Sumec Firman SPG1200 features single phase, has an AC frequency of 50Hz, starting watt 900w, and a running watts of 780w.

It may further interest you to know that the Sumec Firman SPG1200 also features a maximum power output of 1.5 HP, with a 2-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHV engine. Sumec Firman SPG1200 an alternator of brushless, self-exciting, synchronous, 2-pole and 100% copper wire. It feature a 4 liter fuel tank capacity, and a noise level at 7 meters of 61 dB, and can start manually using the recoil starting system.

The small Sumec Firman SPG1200 generator needs little or no repair if used properly measure in handling it.

Elepaq Senwei Sv1850 Small Portable Generator

Elepaq Senwei SV1850 small portable generator is among the best type of I pass my neighbor generator, it is durable, affordable, reliable, and has a good performance which makes it one of the best for domestic and commercial use. Elepaq Senwei SV1850 is a portable (small) single phase petrol generator with AC output of 220V and features only recoil starting system.

Elepaq Senwei SV1850 small generator comes with lots of features and specifications such as 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHV engine which has maximum output of 2.8 Hp, a brushless alternator, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% copper enamelled wire alternator type, the SENWEI SV1850 or Elepaq SV1850 also has an overload auto-circuit breaker that causes it stop operation automatically when there is much load on it.

Elepaq Senwei SV1850 features a 5 liter fuel tank capacity which can carries it for up to 7 hours at 75% load. It also has a separate oil chamber with a capacity of 0.6 liter. Elepaq Senwei SV1850 has a low noise level at 7 meters of 66 dB, the ELEPAQ SENWEI SV1850 seems to be more louder compare to all other small I Pass My Neighbor portable generators out there.

Yamaha Portable Small Generator

The EF-1, EF7H, and Birlah LG1000 are one of the best small generators by Yamaha generating brand, Yamaha small generators were very popular among Nigeria before that popularity fade-out away in the Nigerian market but still, Yamaha small generators still remains the best in times of small, medium, and big generator. Even if the Yamaha small portable generator is not in the market today, it still remains that one when it comes to small generators alongside Tiger brand.

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Small Generators Price In Nigerian

The price of small generators depends on the brand, capability, features and specifications. For example, the price of Tiger small portable generator is different from that of Sumec Firman small portable generator also the price of small generators that features higher specifications is different from that of small generators that features low specifications and so on. Below are price list for all the above small generators reviewed by GenGuide.

  • The Price of small Tiger TG950 generator in Nigeria is between N20, 000 to N30, 000.
  • Price of small Tiger TG1500 generator in Nigerian should be between N30, 000 to N37, 000.
  • The TG1850 Tiger small generator price should be between N35, 000 to 45, 000.
  • Price of Tiger TG1200 small generator is between N25, 000 to N32, 000.
  • The price of Sumec Firman SG1200 small portable generator should be around N35, 000 to N39, 000.
  • Price of Sumec Firman SPG1200 small generator should be between N40, 000 to N45, 000.
  • The price of small portable Elepaq Senwei SV1850 generator is between N39, 000 to N43, 000.
  • The price of small Yamaha generators is between N32, 000 to N39, 000.

Note: The price of the above small generators might vary depending on your location, dealer, platform, and market rate. Therefore, the price of all the above small generators may increase or decrease depending on the factors affecting the market negatively or positively.

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