Complete Review on Best 5kva Inverter – Price, Features & Specifications

Best 5KVA Inverter – 5kva inverters are becoming more sort for in the market, this is due to its ability to powering heavy loads like air-conditioning, AC, deep-freezer, washing machine, electric cooker, and other heavy duties appliances.

Contain here are some of the best 5kva inverter to shop for whenever you’re shopping online or offline for a 5kva power inverter.

So if you would love an inverter that will power almost anything in your home or have a power supply for longer periods, buying a bigger capacity inverter just like the 5KVA inverter would be your best bet.

Because of this, we present to you some of the best 5KVA inverters we have identified to be good in order to help narrow down your search and make a better buying decision.

Where to buy Best 5kva Power Inverter

Konga – Nigeria – See our Offers

Best 5KVA Inverters to buy

The best 5kva inverters to buy for your home and office are as follows:

1. Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 48V Inverter

Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 48V Inverter

Sukam 5KVA/48V power inverter is a high capacity inverter designed with optimum performance, durability, and high reliability in mind. This inverter operates on a capacity of 5kva/48v and is said to be suitable for use at home, restaurants, laboratories, stores, data centers, etc.

The cost price for Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 48V Inverter is between NGN 435,000 – NGN450,000. For the latest models and prices, Click Here.

Features and Specifications

The following are some features & specs of the Sukam 5KVA inverter, they include:

  • It has a deep discharge battery protection to reduce overall battery aging
  • A battery pole reversal protection
  • LCD panel that displays battery & load level
  • Efficient battery care and management system
  • Battery charge regulation to increase battery’s longevity
  • Pure Sine Wave Output produces clean power.
  • Runs heavy duty appliances/equipments.
  • User friendly display and operation.
  • Auto self test on LCD Panel (buzzer test, fan test, input and output supply, battery status)
  • Free of spikes and surges.
  • It has scalable runtime.
  • Built in Galvanic Isolation Transformer
  • Cold start.
  • Fuzzy logic controlled battery charging.
  • Power monitoring software with Power Audit features.
  • Low running cost.
  • Smart short circuit and overload protection.
  • Running efficiency of more than 92%.

2. Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 96V Inverter

sukam 5kva 96v colossal series pure sine wave inverter review, price, features and specifications

This product name “Sukam” is the same as the one above. It another 5KVA inverter from the Sukam brand. Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 96V Inverter is quite different from the one above, in the sense that it possesses different DC output (e.g 96V and 48V).

The Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 96V power Inverter is more efficient than Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 48V Inverter when running similar loads. Also in price, the Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 48V Inverter are cheaper to maintain than that of Sukam Colossal Series 5KVA / 96V power Inverter.

Following the manufacturer guide, the estimated load capacity of this Sukam power inverter includes:

  • 1 Fridge
  • 6 Fans
  • 6 Lighting Points
  • 1 DSTV Decoder
  • 1 LCD T.V or Plasma
  • 1 Music System
  • 1 PC
  • 1 1HP AC

See our latest models and prices for the Sukam solar power inverter here.

3. Prag 5KVA / 48V Inverter

prag pure sine wave inverter 5kva 48v wall mount review, price, features and specifications

Another best 5kva inverter is the Prag 5kva/48v inverter, it highly recommended for anyone planning to buy a large capacity power inverter.

Looking out to buy the Prag 5KVA/48V inverter, the price cost for buying Prag 5kva inverter is between N260,000 Naira – N290,000 Naira. Check for the latest models and prices here.

Features and Specifications

The Prag 5KVA inverter has the following features and specifications:

  • It has a wide input voltage range
  • Features a specs of an intelligent battery management system
  • An advanced protection system that helps against overload, over charge, over discharged, high temperature, and short circuit
  • An advanced alarm system for security and alert

4. Mercury 5KVA / 48V Power Inverter

Mercury 5KVA / 48V Power Inverter review, features, price and specifications

5kVA /48V Mercury power inverter is a powerful inverter. According to the manufacturers, is an alternative power source and has the capacity to power your appliances such as fridges, TVs, DSTV, game consoles, deep freezers, computers, fans, lights, tablets, smartphones, and more.

The price for purchasing a 5kva Mercury power inverter is around NGN 280,000 – 290,000. See the latest models and prices for 5kva Mercury inverter here.

Features & Specs

  • It comes with an energy saving function
  • Has a built-in charger
  • It is compatible with all kinds of generators
  • Features a cold start function
  • 5kva Mercury power inverter has a protection from short circuit & overload

5. Luminous 5KVA / 96V Inverter

luminous 5kva 96v sine wave inverter review, features, specs and price

Luminous 5KVA / 96V Inverter is among the top quality inverters and its batteries have a long time back-up. 5kva luminous power inverter is one of the best 5KVA inverters in the market. Luminous inverters seem to be one of the best types of inverter in the market.

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This inverter offers zero change-over time, smart charge technology alongside other user-friendly features. The price for luminous 5KVA/96V Pure Sine Wave Inverter cost between ₦344,000 – ₦499,000. For the latest models and prices, Click Here.

Features and Specifications

The Luminous 5KVA inverter comes with features & specs:

  • It has a digital signal processing technology
  • Save up to 70% electric
  • Offers zero change-over time
  • Luminous 5KVA / 96V solar power Inverter reduced humming noise
  • Features MOSFET & IGBT protection against excess current
  • It has a voltage spike
  • Features smart charge technology

6. Bluegate 5KVA / 24V Inverter

Bluegate 5KVA / 24V Inverter review, price, features and specifications

Bluegate 5KVA power inverter will help you power your home, office, store etc. This inverter is relatively easy to install & maintain at the same time.

Bluegate 5KVA inverter has the capacity to power all types of load it is subjected to be it inductive, resistive, and rectified etc.

The cost price for Bluegate 5KVA / 24V power inverter lies in between NGN 170,000 and NGN 250,000 respectively. See the latest prices and models.

Features and Specs

Other key features & specs of Bluegate 5KVA power inverter include:

  • It has a powerful 300% surge power
  • Overload, short circuit and overheat protection
  • Has up to 10 hours backup time
  • Features a generator mode etc


The above mentioned are some of the best 5KVA inverters you can buy right away. Fact about 5KVA inverters is that they come with enough power capacity to carry most homes & small office appliances such as air-condition, AC, freezer, washing machine, electric cooker, and other heavy duties appliances on a go.

Shopping any of the above mentioned 5kva inverters, you will surely get the value of the money spent purchasing the product. For enquires about the 5kva inverters aside from the above, feel free to use the comment box below or Contact Us – we will get back to you ASAP!

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