How To Withdraw Money On 86w

If you want to know how to withdraw money on, or ask how can I withdraw money on 86fb, if you do ask how much can I withdraw on 86w? To withdraw money from 86w here is your learning guide.

How to withdraw money on 86w has been a problem but don’t worry, after going through this post, you will have the core knowledge on how to fix the withdrawal problem on 86w platform.

So, whether you’re looking for how to withdraw money on 86w app, you are on the right page.

In this guide, you will be learning how to withdraw money from 86w alongside 86w withdrawal issues.

How does Withdrawal Works On

After you might earn some money from 86w platform, withdrawing the money is your main objective right? To get started, you must first know how withdrawal works on 86w platform.

Before you can withdraw money from 86w, you must have your withdrawal password set. Without that, you cannot have access withdrawing your earning from 86w platform.

Setting withdrawal password on is pretty easy, just follow the steps below:

What is Withdrawal Password on 86w?

The withdrawal password on 86w is a 6-digit number used any time you intend to withdraw money from your account. Without you setting your withdrawal password on 86w, you will not be able to withdraw your money into your bank account.

How to set withdrawal password on 86w

To set your withdrawal password on 86w platform, follow the steps below:

Go to Personal Center > click on Personal Information > Withdrawal Password > Enter your desired withdrawal password. To verify your withdrawal password on 86w platform, enter the phone number used to register your 86w account.

How to do this, upon setting your 86w withdrawal password, enter the phone number on the box that read “please enter the phone verification” then click the send button next to it.

You will receive a verification code, enter it in the required field then click OK.

How to withdraw money on 86w

How To Withdraw Money on 86w

If you have set withdrawal password on your 86w account, then you’re good to go withdrawing your money from 86w platform. To get your money withdrawn from 86w, see the steps below:

  • Go to Personal Center.
  • Click on the Withdraw button.
  • Select Bank Card.
  • Tick the bank check box
  • Enter the amount (see the box that read please enter the amount).
  • Click Confirm Withdrawal.
  • Enter your Withdrawal Password.
  • Enter the verification phone number and click Send next to it (in the box that read please enter the phone verification).
  • Enter the verification code sent to your phone line.
  • Click on OK.

How to change my 86w withdrawal password?

To change your 86w withdrawal password, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Personal Center.
  • Click on Personal Information.
  • Tap Withdrawal Password.
  • Enter new withdrawal password (see the box that read please enter the new withdrawal password).
  • Confirm new withdrawal password (see the box that read please confirm the new withdrawal password).
  • Enter the verification phone number (see the box that read please enter the phone verification) then click the send button next to it.
  • Enter the verification password then click OK.

How can I locate Personal Center on my 86w account?

Most people find it difficult to locate the Personal Center button on their 86w account. If you’re among those, here are the steps:

Once you have logged into your 86w account and you’re not on the Personal Center dashboard, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left side then select Personal Center.

You can also click on “MY” icon to locate your Personal Center.

Why is withdrawal delaying on 86w?

For those who ask why is withdrawal taking time on 86w, withdrawal delay on 86w can be caused by different factors some might be due to the holiday of the festive period like Easter, Christmas, Muslim celebrations, public holidays etc.

With that, the payment might be delayed by 86w Company. Also, another factor that leads to withdrawals delayed on 86w might be poor network either from your bank network or 86w saver.

If you still find it difficult withdrawing money from your 86w account, I advise you to contact the 86w customer support. Learn more on how to contact customer care number.


From the above guide, you can see that how to withdraw money on 86w is an easy thing you can do on your own without involving anyone. Whether you ask how to withdraw money on 86w app the process is the same.

Do you have any question(s) to ask about how to withdraw on 86w? Kindly use the comment box below:

Also, don’t forget to share experiences about 86w withdrawal, please tell if good or bad. This will help tell if 86w is a legitimate business that pays its users and also keep users informed.

Lastly, if this guide helps you in solving your 86w withdrawal problem, share it with others and help them also.

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