Prepaid Meter Activation, Troubleshooting Codes & Token Loading

Prepaid meter activation, troubleshooting, and loading token when purchased have become the usual problems most electric meter users face overtime. To help out on this, we’ve decided to compile this article to get you out of this mess.

In this guide, we are going to cover the following areas; prepaid meter activation process, troubleshooting codes for all meter types as well as steps on how to load your electric meter token when purchase.

Let’s dive in!

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Prepaid Meter Activation

Simple Meter Loading Troubleshooting Codes

Are you having trouble loading token on your prepaid meter, please use the below self-service codes instructions to troubleshoot based on your meter-type and brand.

For UIUs with plug, please ensure to put strong batteries and plug the device to a mains socket feeding directly from owned meter supply (not a Generator, Solar, or Inverter).

For UIUs without plug, please use strong batteries and ensure you are not too far away from where your prepaid meter is mounted (located).

To check unit balance of your prepaid meter

The following codes will display the remaining units on the meter in kWh. See instruction below based on meter type:

  • MOJEC: 009 (both single and three phase MOJEC meter)
  • EDMI: 10 for single phase and 01 for three phases
  • CONLOG: 009 (both single and three phase)
  • MOMMASS: 801 (both single and three phase)

Checking Supply Group Code on Meter

This shows and tells whether the meter is already activated or not. When done, if code returns 600492, then meter is activated, else, activation token is required for the meter to be activated. To check this, run the following code based on your meter type:

  • MOJEC: 030 (both single and three phase MOJEC meter)
  • EDMI: 02 for single phase and 09 for three phases EDMI prepaid meter
  • CONLOG: #030# (for both single and three phase CONLOG prepaid meter)
  • MOMMASS: 805 (both single and three phase MOMMASS meter)

To Check the Tariff Index

This shows if the meter has been configured correctly with the right tariff on IE vending system. If the code returns same tariff as on vending receipt, then your meter is correctly configured, else, please talk to a customer service representative for resolution.

Use the following code based on your meter type:

  • MOJEC: 006 (both single and three phase MOJEC meter)
  • EDMI: 05 for single phase and 11 for three phases EDMI prepaid meter
  • CONLOG: #006# (for both single and three phase CONLOG prepaid meter)
  • MOMMASS: 809 (both single and three phase MOMMASS meter)

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Prepaid Meter Activation Process

After the prepaid meter registration, once your meter has been commissioned from your electricity supplier board, you’ll receive a meter activation token via SMS within 48 hours of commissioning.

And if you have not received your meter activation token, please visit any preferred electricity office close to you to lay your complaint.

Process of Activation

Now that you’ve gotten/receive your activation token do the following on your prepaid meter UIU (User Interface Unit):


  • If you have an electric prepaid meter that the number begins with 45 or 46, input your meter number as shown on the meter card given to you and press enter. Also, if your meter number begins with 04, input #046# and the meter number as shown on the meter card (04xxxxxxxxx) and press enter
  • Input the 1st 20 digits of your activation token and press enter
  • Input the 2nd 20 digits of your activation token and press enter

Once the steps are completed, you can now proceed to buy energy and load into your electric prepaid meter.

How to Load Prepaid Meter

To load your meter energy token once purchased, following the steps below:

  • Ensure there’s light (i.e power sources from the grid)
  • Punch in all 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success and light (energy) will be available.

Token Not Loading

If you are unable to load your token on the meter, ensure that you still have available units and your UIU is plugged into a socket that is not powered by an inverter, generator or solar power and load your token again.

But if you have run out of units, please power your UIU (i.e User Interface Unit indirect) with a battery and load your token.

If you still have problem loading your meter token, also check for the following cautions:

  • You cannot load from your Neighbor’s apartment
  • You cannot load when on generator supply
  • You cannot load on a socket powered by an inverter, solar or other alternative sources of supply.
  • Your switch over must be on grid own supply
  • Avoid Micro magnetic objects
  • Avoid weak battery
  • Bypassing your meter will render the meter redundant

Once the instructions above have been followed, please insert your token and press enter. If this operation still remains unsuccessful, you can visit any closest office nearest to you and make your complaint.


In this article, we’ve covered the electric prepaid meter activation process, codes in troubleshooting meters of different types alongside how to load tokens on a prepaid meter. We look forward to seeing your problems in the following area solved.

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